Cultivation & planting


Hughes Contracting have the knowledge, experience and machinery you require to get the most from your land. Our team can provide advice on the type of services required to suit the requirements of the crop and the desired seed bed on your farm, and then impliment your culitvation plan. 

Our cultivation services include:
  • Ploughing
  • Discing
  • Deep ripping
  • Aerating soil
  • Power harrowing
  • Rotary hoeing
  • Levelling
  • Rolling


Hughes Contracting have a precision planter, perfect for precision spacing and depth for Beet and Swede planting. We can apply any amount of fertiliser as well as micro fertiliser to the land. 

We have 6m roller air seedersfor planting grass seed into paddocks and a 6m Power harrow air seeder for brassica crops.

We also operate a 5 metre Duncan direct drill which can sow Swede/Turnip at 1 kg/ha right up to the heavy sowing rates associated with Cereals. Fertiliser can be applied with this machine and with its on-board crane makes loading with Poly bags a dream.

Phone Chris at Hughes Contracting today for all your cultivation and planting requirements. 
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