Effluent, Excavation & Cartage

Excavating and Muck Spreading / Effluent Spreading

Hughes Contracting have diggers ranging from 21 to 13 tonne for farm maintenance, farm drainage, site works and farm developement. This includes Lane construction, Root raking and Dairy Effluent pond construction. We have experienced operators who get the job done quickly and efficently saving you time and money.

Hughes Contracting have two side discharge sealed muck spreaders. The muck spreaders take effluent and evenly spread it across your land for use as fertiliser.

We also operate a 16000 Litre Joskin Vacum tanker to empty effluent ponds and weeping walls. 

Umbilical Slurry System

Effluent pond full or built up with sediment? We can pump out your Effluent pond in no time with our Umbilical Pumping System
  • No Track or field damage
  • No interruption to cows on laneways
  • Increase pond capacity by removing sediment
  • Apply effluent to your distant un-irrigated fields
  • Increased fertility of your land with unused effluent
  • Increased work rates due to continuous pumping up to 2.4km
  • Flow meter for accurate application rates


With 4 truck and trailer units, Hughes Contracting can transport almost anything. We can carry and deliver baleage and silage, hay, straw and bulk rock and gravel supplies from local quarries. We also operate a transporter which is available to move anything you need up to 25 tonne, a over dimensional pilot is also available.

Hughes Contracting have a stock truck available for herd shitfing. Contact Chris for more information.
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